Are you stress and hassle out of cooking? Try these kitchen timesaver tips to cut back your time and make less work for you. Thus, you’ll have more time to enjoy it and to spend with your loved ones.

1. Organize your kitchen.

Keep frequently used items such as cooking oils/sprays, spatulas, cutting boards, and spices at within easy reach distance. This will save you from having to search for them later.

2. Clear the clutter.

Clear off your counters before you start cooking. This allows more room for ingredients preparation.

3. Chop extra.

When chopping up meat, veggie for a meal, chop more than you need. Place the extra in a reusable container and freeze. Then next time you need it, you can skip a step.

4. Have everything in place.

Grab all ingredients needed for your meal on the desk. This can help to spot missing items easily and avoid skipping steps.

5. Work on simple and easy recipe

The simple recipe able to shorten the time length. You’ll be more enjoyed meals with your loves one.

6. Double your recipe.

Try to prepare double of your recipe which can be kept for your next meal. You can enjoy your meal next time by just a simple reheat process. You definitely will save more time.

7. Clean as you go.

Wash the dishes as you cook by soaking your dishes into soapy water. It’ll make clean up go much smoother and faster!

8. Keep important ingredients handy with ice cube tray.

If you’ve got the freezer room or bigger refrigerator, you can save a lot of money and time with these ice cube tray. When you have time, make gravies such as pasta sauce, pesto (no cheese) or stock in advance. You can kept it into freezer for future use. You can also pour your leftovers soup in the ice cube tray. Then simply yank a few out and melt them down when it is needed.


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