How am I supposed to eat all the favorite food and watch out my weight during Chinese New Year?

  1. Serve a variety of vegetables during mealtimes which contain lots of minerals and vitamins/
  2. Serve foods high in fibre such as brown rice or whole grain breads to give satiety feeling to avoid overeating in next meal.
  3. Prepare the food using healthier methods such as steam, boiled, grill, stir-fry instead of deep fried.
  4. Use variety of herbs and spice to flavour your food.
  5. Avoid or consume less of sugary food and beverage. Alcoholic beverages limit to 1 glass per day.
  6. Serve fish and lean meat more rather than red meat as fish has less cholesterol and saturated fat.
  7. Trim away the visible fat or skin of your poultry.
  8. Serve fruits as a healthier choice of snack.

To get better understanding on the calorie content of the Chinese New Year food, click here.


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