Sahur and Iftar: What to eat during ramadan fasting?

Sahur (Pre-dawned meal)

Sahur is the main energy source of meal which is not one to be missed. Unfortunately, some find it difficult to get up for their sahur and they would rather have a heavy meal before bedtime and sleep through to the morning. Starting your fast without your sahur meal can cause you to feel sluggish during the day and make it difficult to sustain. Pre-dawned meal needs to be wholesome to provide enough energy to last during the long hours of fasting.

Example of Sahur Meal
Sahur1 ½  cups rice,

1 piece of steam fish,

½ cup of mixed vegetable soup and tofu,

1 banana or 3 pieces of dates,

1 glass of plain water and 1 glass of low fat milk


1 cup of breakfast cereal with ½ cup of low fat milk and raisins/ sliced banana pieces,

2 slices of wholemeal bread with a light spread of jam,

1 glass of orange juice and 1 glass of plain water


Iftar is the time you replenish energy levels so every effort should be made to consume foods from all major food groups such as fruit and vegetables, rice and alternatives, as well as meat and alternatives and include dairy too. Hence, consider healthier food options such as grilling instead of deep frying but it is not encouraged to consume hot and spicy foods during the breaking of fast. It is because these foods may cause discomfort during the fasting hours.

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Example of Iftar Meal
Breaking fast3 pieces of dates,

½ cup of fruit juice,

1 cup of vegetable juice or ½ cup bubur lambuk,

1 piece of kuih

Dinner1 ½  cup of rice,

1 piece of fish or chicken,

1 cup of mixed vegetables

1 piece of fruit

SupperLight snacks such as biscuits, sandwiches, an assortment of kuih, nuts or fruit.

Rather than increasing the amount you eat at sahur and iftar, it’s best to focus on the quality and type of food you consume. Pre-plan your meal and healthy eating throughout ramadan can prevent any health discomfort.


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